Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thank u Pink

This poem is dedicated to a wonderful artist out there,
An artist who really seems to care,
Whom I think has awesum hair,
Her songs have great meaning & such inspiration,
That I can truly say she GOD'S creation,
Her songs give me motivation,
She's the reason I'm still writing my poetry today,
When things start to go the other way,
Then her songs I start to play,
& Then I know everything's gonna be ok,
"Family Portrait" used to be favourite song,
But since "Perfect" came along,
It helped me to become strong,
It was like the song was written for me,
It felt like my reality,
The 1st time I heard it I spent the whole night crying,
But becoz of that song I never gave up trying,
That's why I'd like to thank GOD for sending Pink our way,
& for Blessing us with the beautiful songs our radio stations play,
May u continue to inspire us everyday,
Pink I salute u,
& Keep doing what u do,
Thank u...